4 Cool Woodworking Tools You Have To Check Out! (Drillnado, Saburr-tooth burrs, CRB7 and more!)




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Dust-Right Expandable Hose-
Dust-Right Fittings & Accessories-
Saburr-Tooth Carbide Carving Burrs-
DrillNado Drill Press Attachment-
DrillNado XL Drill Press Attachment-
M-Power 7-in-1 Router Base-

Video about M-Power Router Base Features:

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  1. OK, CHOOSE ME!!!!!

  2. Yet another GREAT review by Mr. Nubs.
    Thanks for sharing your views. I REALLY like that router base.

  3. I don’t own, nor have space for, a lathe so I use Arbortech, Foredom and
    Saburr Tooth burrs to carve bowls, trays and cups. I have a lot of Saburr
    Tooth burrs and as you expand you inventory you’ll find all kinds of uses
    for them.

  4. I like this one thought it showed good things ah. Leads me to the end so I
    know I gave you guys my. E-mail so if my names comes up please re pick
    another person But thanks for this post

  5. I love this new cool tools segment, although I’ll just want to spend more

  6. Sorry to have to be *that* guy, but the word “criteria” is actually plural.
    The singular form is “criterion” ;-)

  7. I really like this segment. Keep them coming.

  8. Felix From Nebraska

    Thanks, It is nice to see some of the new tools that come out.
    Great videos Stumpy!!!

  9. ich bin ganz verrückt nach Werkzeug. es ist eine richtige Sucht.

  10. Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop

    great video James!

  11. Jeremiah's woodworks

    I “thumbs up” this video because u ended the best way possible. Have a cold
    one my friend

  12. Great info presented quick and clear. thanks James

  13. I was wondering about the drill press attachment I saw next to your display
    at IWF. Good review.

  14. Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton)

    Was Drillnado near our booth at IWF? I didn’t see them, but I was carving
    the whole time, so I didn’t get to look around.

  15. Just over your right shoulder. You had your back to them.

  16. Went back and looked. There was a guy in a red shirt from England I believe
    showing the drillnado and a mitre saw within 15-20 feet of you.

  17. Felix From Nebraska

  18. Quick yes or no: does the carbide carving bit fit on a dremel? And if yes,
    Is it 1/8th inch?

  19. Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton)

    Yes and yes.

  20. First time I view your video, right away i said “Not bout hoarding tools is
    bout what you accomplish with them”.

  21. I want to meet this guy!!!!!!

  22. Thanks for the response, I’ll keep an eye out for them. The one with the
    handle fits nicely on metal blast gates. The other ones are loose. Happy

  23. Great job all around. I just keep going to back issues and review all the
    comments and woodworking projects. Keep up the good work. Have a great day!

  24. Love that can holder! GO RED WINGS! Great video as well – thanks.

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