3 Amazing Hand Crank tools Could Save Your Life when Power Cut | Life Hacks

Amazing tools from a Generator Motor Could Save Your Life when Power Cut
+ 20W 1500mA 5V-24V DC Generator Wind Power
+ Car Charger :
+ 12 – 24v DC electric motor

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  1. ?
    can i use a bike for charge my phone

  2. Songs: (you can search it on youtube audio library)
    1: Universal
    2: Sydney_s_Skyline
    3: Real_World

  3. Amazing tools from a Generator Motor Could Save Your Life when Power Cut
    + 20W 1500mA 5V-24V DC Generator Wind Power https://goo.gl/tBKrtd
    + Car Charger : https://goo.gl/3LIHHa
    + 12 – 24v DC electric motor https://goo.gl/Qh2HDx

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  6. iluminate gamer™

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  7. Swedish Game Nerd

    Impressive! You are like a real-life MacGyver!

  8. ever thought of making the FLDSMDFR? i mean as long as it doesn’t mutate
    the food to exorbitant sizes it’s cool :D

  9. the truth must be told

    what because he can hook a dc generator up to a moter leds and a usb car

  10. Swedish Game Nerd

    Yupp, not to mention all the other stuff as well 🙂


  12. Wont the bike make to much energy and explode the phone?

  13. +Superior too*

  14. I just want to let everyone know that this entire Channel is satire

  15. +RicTV why are you so upset?

  16. +Brad Stidem hehehhe im just kidding xD

  17. Why did I choose this name?

    Well fan wouldn’t really save your Life but its very crative and useful…
    and I like it…. ;-)

  18. It won’t unless you have a faulty USB charger, as they have circuits in
    them that automatically transform the voltage to 5v if it is over that, and
    doesn’t let any power through below that.

  19. No it isn’t.

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  21. If ure warm it may help…

  22. i’ve seen this be4 in a Vietnamese channel. And i’m confused. Don’t know
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  23. ko phải confuse đâu bạn, mình là ad của cả 2 kênh 🙂

  24. +LXG Design ờ! Bạn làm mình tưởng kênh này coppy của kênh rảnh product


  26. he is me 🙂

  27. he is me 🙂

  28. iluminate gamer™

    +LXG Design oh ok 🙂

  29. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    how do you get hot glue out of your eye?

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  37. TreesSmellLikeGreen “TreesSmellLikeGreen”

    Alot of people do diy vids on youtube, he’s not the only one.

  38. TreesSmellLikeGreen “TreesSmellLikeGreen”

    +Will Galvez He’s not the only “copycat”

  39. hahaha

  40. +Yusuf Stone what’s the first song name?

  41. +Gameboy SLI no because the car charger has a regulator keeping it from
    going above 5v (charging voltage for all smartphones)

  42. +nishi ran fag xD

  43. +602 Nickk well I don’t judge people on their “preferences”
    so go on you little fag and tell the whole world how it feels being one 😀

  44. ok thomas mr tank engine

  45. with a sharp spoon

  46. Nick Hanley (Robokill5359)

    Dude it’s so ironic that you invent these amazing and things and your
    profile picture is flint Lockwood XD you are amazing man keep doing what
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  47. +AnyOne0101
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  48. You should disclaim in your vids people should do experiments on their own
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  49. 1. song ???? pls

  50. link ????

  51. Nick Hanley (Robokill5359)

    what are you talking about, i never advertised my channel. I was simply
    commenting on the ironic nature of LXG designs picture of flint lockwood
    and him being an inventor. I think you have got the wrong guy lol

  52. Extreme Tek And Gaming

    So, remove that “have a sub on me”

  53. +Nick Hanley (Robokill5359) lol

  54. I agree with the first two but not the third my friend , coz you can serv
    with out a hand crank fan , I’ll give you another idea , why don’t you make
    a fire starter it would be a real great idea 😊 power source , light and
    fire ..
    I give you five stars 👋😊

  55. Fun to watch, I think I would hook up a larger hand crank so it would be
    easier to use

  56. but… the second one is a flashlight =_= u can even buy hand crank ones

  57. well I make things and they look like trash. plug it in, connect it to
    power supply, what have you and it works perfectly fine, princess zelda.

  58. LXG Design I wanna ask, does a motor from a vacuumed cleaner produce
    electricity too?

  59. Send me the link to where you got that exact light please.

  60. Ditto on the battery! I had the same thought too before I read your comment
    but it would make sense to allow for less energy spent in keeping up the
    supply of power.

    However, this idea of a portable battery + generator for a reliable light
    source, is nothing new. Its based on the old WWII hand-crank model. The
    upside though is that today’s batteries are vastly improved over the older
    models so it is possible to crank a few times & then have light for several
    hours, non-stop if need be.

  61. do it with a drill machine

  62. These are really useful design or gadgets. Amazing!!!

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