1. I spoke to the word Brilliant, and I found out that she is insulted that you used her name in such libel as an endorsement to this video.

  2. And 7 months later, she’s still complaining about it! Must have really made an impression.

  3. Put screws in jars. What a brilliant idea!

  4. Mike Burgess – – I’m sure some of the ideas were good. But out of 100-k + views only a few comments proves how lame the VID really is.

  5. I think the last two might have been good: COULDN’T SEE THEM with the ads blocking them!

  6. A waste of two mins of my life!

  7. The placing of non removable ads over what we were supposed to be seeing was seriously lame. What dipstick called these ideas brilliant? Not necessarily bad ideas but that was a stretch of the imagination!

  8. @ 1:32, plastic bins in runners  – use see-thru bins.

  9. brilliant?

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