1. there is great risk using pvc piping se NFPA 664

  2. Martynas Valūnas

    Have you put something soft under the shop vac? If not – put something like foam or else to make it even more quieter.

  3. Hi, nicely done. Does the PVC tube makes a loud noise?

  4. Thanks! No, the shop vac is much louder than the PVC is. If you can somehow isolate the shop vac further than I have, it would be very quiet.

  5. Ingenuous ! Cleaver ! Cool !

  6. Dust Extraction Solutions

    Great video, showing how to make dust collection system at home. It will surely help laymen to clean dust in an economical way.

  7. Dust Deputy on shelf’s nationwide at Ace hardware, Menard’s and Woodcraft stores.

  8. +steve guerrera Cool!

  9. You should get a remote control device to turn that thing on!

  10. +Rob I It would be possible to use something that detected the power draw from the table saw cord and triggered a relay to turn on the dust collector. It would be more convenient.

  11. Very nice, I like your idea!!

  12. Hang it from some bungee cords from the rafters and put some fiberglass around it

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