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2 x 4 Shave Horse (Mike Abbotts design)

A shave horse is a traditional foot operated clamping device used mainly in green woodworking. Here I make on using minimal tools and 2×4 construction grade wood.

Going with the grain:

Spangleslap by Ozzak

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


  1. Brilliant!

  2. nice job, that looks sweet.

  3. Very uncommon design. Bravo

  4. Really turned out well, looks like joy to use.

  5. Frontierless Craftsman

    They are indeed 🙂

  6. Frontierless Craftsman

    Thanking you

  7. Frontierless Craftsman

    Glad you liked it 🙂

  8. Frontierless Craftsman

    Thanks for watching

  9. good stuff. like your projects. see you made 2, your helpers payment!

  10. that was a great build video,thank you for sharing all the best to you and yours

  11. Frontierless Craftsman

    Many thanks! and to you.

  12. Frontierless Craftsman

    Yea, I had a friend up for a visit and we got stuck in together. He wanted one too so why not 🙂

  13. well done 🙂

  14. Makes me want to build one….Thank you !!! Nice job !!!

  15. Not much good shown us you measuring and not given the measurements.
    talk us through it. I want to try making it.

  16. Frontierless Craftsman

    Thats the idea glad its working 🙂 Thanks for watching

  17. Frontierless Craftsman

    Seen as its not my design but taken straight from Mike Abbotts book, I don’t think it would be fair of me to give out all the measurements. But its a straight forward design, easy enough for you to figure out your own as all the steps are clearly shown, if not there’s a link to his book where you’ll get all the plans for it.

  18. Frontierless Craftsman

    For those of you looking for measurements Mike has put them up on his blog, https://goingwiththegrain.org/the-lumber-horse/

  19. I made one just like yours except it’s different. I used “RANDOMACIDY” ‘s design as my guide. I like it a lot and now I have to get a draw knife.

  20. Pratique pour faire ses cure dents.

  21. was there a reason to make the middle piece of wood in the seat on an angle ?

  22. Frontierless Craftsman

    Yes its so it could be used as a mini cleaving break which is demonstrated at the end. Cleaving is the process of splitting wood along the grain usuall
    y with a tool called a froe. A cleaving break is the device that holds the wood to help you apply pressure in the right direction.

  23. now to get my brother-in-law to make it for me LOL

  24. Frontierless Craftsman

    Make one yourself, just borrow a saw and a drill if you dont have one, its easy 🙂

  25. Frontierless Craftsman I have the tools just not a lot of time and he loves when I suggest projects

  26. No glue means you can fix or change the design at your whim. I like it!

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