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2 Stage Harbor Freight Dust Collector

Follow the link below to find the Super Dust Deputy

Filter I used from Wynn Enviromental.

From Shop duct to SDD DRL001205

From SDD to HF blower unit DRL060500

In this video I convert my harbor freight dust collector into a two stage system by adding an Oneida Super Dust Deputy Cyclone in front of the blower. I reconfigured the entire system to be a bit more compact and sturdy while I was at it. I also added a cartridge filter to increase the system airflow and so far it seems to have helped a ton!

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  1. why not screw the lid from the bottom through to the bracket?

  2. Your kid is adorable

  3. Just had an idea…..you could cut a rectangular slot, top to bottom, in the black can and add plexiglass; this way you could see how full it is and when you need to empty.

  4. Remind me of myself with my daughter and son and dog always around. Lol

  5. Yup, definitely want to do that at some point.

  6. Hey Tyler, great stuff. I’m confused why you put the filter underneath the dust separator donut rather than above it. All of your fine dust will get sucked to the filter and not to the bag. I know your dust deputy takes most of it out of play for you though. Thanks.

  7. where did you get the upgraded impeller? and I am will be going out and build one just like this because I’m tired of breathing in dust and I work with a lot of pallets and Barnwood neither one is good on your lungs

  8. at 9:20 what is the part on the end of the pvc that you are taping to the galv adapter?

  9. Great build! And a family effort: even the cat…
    Note you did the pocket screw holes earlier for the filter bracket!

  10. Would a 20 gallon vinyl container work with this ? Also my filter is a cannister from penn state industries& has a solid top . Will the filter on top work ok ? Thanks Larry

  11. Very nice! Best one I’ve seen so far.

  12. Hi Tyler. I’m going to upgrade my own dust collecting system , and the cyclone is lying around some place waiting. I think You and some other people makes great instructive vid’s . And they all are going at it more or less the same way. It seems that You all think out the construction as You go. This means that You crawl around the system, gluing upwards, screw in impossible positions etc. I only ask: Why do You not assemble the parts fully on the working bench where You are able to turn the parts around to obtain a optimal workingposition, and then hang up the assembly on the wall?
    Your system is state of the art, but You learned me that I will assemble the different parts and then hang it to the wall. Yet another idea I got looking on Your work: I thing I will use some vibration cussions for the motorunit, cause I think that the whole wall will sing when You turn on the blower, and maybe some incapsulation of the unit with noise damping plates, i have seen some woodworkers do that. This not a critic, as I wrote, it is a very nice video, and I like Your children toddling around in Your shop

  13. I see you have a lot of ‘helpers’ too.

  14. A pipe coming out the top of the lid you have on the final stage and piped outside through that window you have boarded off would save your filter a lot and keep your airflow less restricted. you would still catch the big stuff, but the super small dust particles would just get shot outside.

  15. Then I blow all the heat outside…..not a good idea in Michigan.

  16. what size cyclone did you buy? There are few size options on the link I followed to Amazon and I want to make sure I get the right one.

  17. https://goo.gl/HMYWfs This one, the bigger one is for higher HP motors. (affiliate link)

  18. Thanks Tyler!
    I have a non-Vortex Jet like this one.

    Your design should work great for me. My pelted filter will end up on the top and the bag on the bottom. Plus I’ll pick up more CFMs.

  19. How much time and money do you have in this system?

  20. This is a great video. I really like that the family just walks around. It makes the video feel homely. Thank you.

  21. very good………………………………….

  22. Subscribed. Nice build.

  23. My two stage system has Wynn filter that is closed on one end. Wonder how well such a Wynn will work, as there will not be in dust bag (or equalized static pressure on other side of filter)? Ned

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