2 In 1 Circular Saw Crosscut & Miter Jig | Limited Tools Episode 003

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Check out The MAX CUT 2 Circular Saw Crosscut & Miter Jig
2 In 1 Circular Saw Crosscut & Miter Jig | Limited Tools Episode 003
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——————————–Tools in my Shop ——————————–

………………………Safety First ………………….
Safety eyewear 1 –
Safety Glasses –
Dust Mask –
Hearing protection with Bluetooth
Hearing protection

………………………Power Tools ………………….
Table Saw – Ridgid R1512
Ridgid R4330 Planer
Dewalt Hand Planer
Benchtop Wood Lathe
Air Compressor
Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press
Craftsman Band Saw
Bench Sander
Belt Sander
Laminate Trim Router
Angle Grinder
Biscuit Joiner
Sheet Sander
Ryobi Orbit sander
Makita Orbit Sander
Jig Saw
Oscillating Tool
Circular Saw
Shop Vacuum
Dust Right Dust Separator
Drill and Driver
Base Router
Miter Saw

………………………Hand Tools ………………….
Pocket hole jig
Kreg Rip Cut
Chisel Set
File set –
Ryoba Saw
Mini Hack


  1. just got my circular daw 2 days ago. will build my own jig later likd your. thank dear!! let hope i not chop off any of my finger while building it lol.

  2. That’s awesome Anne! You need those fingers so be careful and take your time. 🙂

  3. +DIY Creators hihi. thanks.

  4. How does he see where he’s cutting?
    The cuts have to be exactly on point, but theres no opportunity to see the drawed line?!

  5. Really great. Many thanks.

  6. Can you make beveled cuts using this jig?

  7. saw not sliding to well? on jig spray and wipe on Silicon lube

  8. What’s up Glen???

  9. Whats Good?

  10. Nice man, just built my own (Y)

  11. another awesome video, thank you

  12. Awesome! What kind of paint and/or Sealer did you use? Would you suggest paste wax as well? Thanks in advance!

  13. Be interesting to see a 5 cut test results using this jig

  14. Olá amigo tudo bem, eu sou Brasileiro e gosto de ver coisas boas, e agora eu vi um ótimo vídeo que eu estava procurando a muito tempo para ver, vc. fez isto muito bem certinho que esta de parabéns, vou fazer um para mim fazer caixas de abelha, eu estou sofrendo muito com um outro gabarito para colocar a serra, este seu ai é Top de linha amigo, fica com Deus Pai e tchau.

  15. Great. I need it right now 🙂

  16. Great idea

  17. Awesome…I will definitely be be building one of theses in the near future…thanks,loving the channel so far.Keep up the good work

  18. Thank you for your detailed information about this great jig. I just made one but when the saw meets the wood it gives a loud sound and kicks badly back. Can anyone guess what is wrong?

  19. mogbaba Is your blade on backwards?

  20. You are genius bro. Thanks

  21. Uh brother, this jig kicks !

  22. excellent video…i also love all your videos as they helped me to avoid mistakes while making improvements to my shed and garage…thanks for sharing…have a blessed day

  23. Great fuel for my build. could we replace a table saw if we build this bigger ? this is very safe.

  24. This is by far the best most useful jig I’ve seen so far for a circular saw. Great design and it works well too I just added a tape on the fence. Really shows how versatile a circular saw can be used, while adding safety and precision. Two thumbs up

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