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18 Volt Combi Drills Review – Which is best in test?

OUR UPDATED DRILL TEST CAN BE FOUND HERE: . For a handy chart which summarises some of the key performance features of the drills we tested see: skill-builder.uk/which-18v-drill-is-best

Roger performs an exhaustive test on a variety of different spec 18 volt cordless combination drills to find out how different seemingly similar 18 volt drills can be.

Under the spotlight are:

Bosch GSB18VLI

Dewalt DCD795M2

Makita BHP459RFE

Metabo SB18LTX

Milwaukee M18CPD-402C



  1. They are on their way. I noticed that the robbers in the Hatton Garden
    heist used Hilti diamond core drills cut through the reinforced concrete
    walls. I wonder how much research they did before they hit on that
    particular tool.

  2. Hi Hanza

    We didn’t have a comparable DeWalt drill at the time. The 3 speed DeWalt
    drill will produce the torque but we would have been putting 3 speed up
    against 2 speed. Nothing else did as well as the Milwaukee. . All the
    drills are 18 volt and the DeWalt only lost out on the torque. The chart
    shows how they performed. If we do the test again we will change a lot of

  3. It was a 32 mm auger and brand new out of the box to make it fair. I set
    the drill on low speed and it stalled going into the third piece of timber.
    It is interesting to see that you had a different result. Maybe the
    electronic cut out is more sensitive on some that others. I don’t really
    believe that but I am at a loss to explain why you succeeded unless the bit
    you use is less aggresive. I will try some experiments with bits.

  4. +Skill Builder Thanks for explaining that but just because one brand
    doesn’t offer a feature that another does should not eliminate it from the
    contest. After all, you were comparing 18V drills. I know my old Dewalt
    3-speed 18V would have driven that 1″ auger through the wood.

    Anyway, that was a really good review and I bet that Dewalt wore you out
    driving a whopping 943 1″3/4 screws on one charge! LOL

  5. +Pro1er
    We have re-run this test now and the DeWalt drove 32mm auger through
    seasoned oak. So did Festool, Makita and Milwaukee

  6. Cool! Thanks for the update.

  7. +Skill Builder Hi what about Hitachi tools and drills? Are they so inferior
    you don’t even review them? Looking to invest in a good quality drill and
    power tools is the Milwaukee collection the best do you think?

  8. +News & Views Today
    We didn’t have a huge selection. They cost money so we concentrated on the
    most popular. The new test due out in two weeks has Hitachi and Panasonic.
    There is a lot to do and say so we have split it into two parts. First part
    comes out this weekend followed by the conclusion next week.

  9. Updated test now up on Skill Builder. More drills:

  10. let me tell you something i have test drill for years and years and nothing
    can beat makita

  11. Milwaukee chucks are horrible, and don’t hold up if they get wet.

  12. why no hilti?

  13. Thank you for this. Bosh makes the best routers surprised it wasn’t number
    1 here.

  14. The real test is drilling double plates with an 1 1/2 wood auger bit, I
    don’t know about the others but Milwaukee has the torque and power to do it

  15. do another video with “Hilti, Ryobi , PorterCable

  16. You are joking. We need to recover from that one. Ryobi is owned by
    Milwaukee and is DIY. Hilti don’t have an 18 volt drill in the U.K and
    Porter Cable is an American brand that doesn’t travel.

  17. Electrician Dallas Tx

    Thanks for the suggestions you have contributed here.

  18. Wtf disable impulse mode with metabo… You are not doin it right

  19. The guy is playing around with it like most people do when they pick up a
    new drill. He isn’t going to sit down and read an instruction book. The
    problem is that many drills are getting too clever for the guy who just
    wants to pick up a drill and make a few holes or drive some screws in.

  20. The fact I don’t

  21. Skill Builder hilti do have an 18volt drill in the uk and I have tested
    several models when the rep came to see me. Have to say for my work as a
    carpenter I was not impressed made in China very expensive and shut down
    with a 7/8ths bit in green oak. so I went out and brought the Makita
    brushless DHP481 it seems Makita listened because this drill works well and
    to date has been unstoppable.

  22. Ryobi! lmao

  23. Makita 4 the win

  24. Слава Славин

    брехня проплаченная.

  25. Well done! Thank you for the thorough review!

  26. Volodymyr Yakovenko

    For the Heavy duty : Obviously HILTI

  27. Yes maybe but 24 volts so not in this category. We are talking to Hilti
    about some new tests so watch this space. Good things in 2017

  28. And these are all Li-Io

  29. Get Narex 18V a try that out! :D

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