1624R CNC Router making a Wood Sign with PVC Plastic Inlays

Approximate size: 10.25”W x 9.5”H
Sign Material: Furniture grade .75” plywood
Extra Materials: ¼” PVC, vinyl, black paint, teak oil
Machine: 1624R with engraving head and CNC router head
Tools: .015 FLX, .030 FLX, .060 FLX, 1/8” end mill, ¼” end mill
Learn more about the 1624R CNC Router and custom sign making go to www.visionengraver.com

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  1. Reyespame5@gmail.com add plis bussine ???

  2. andrewpaintball246

    Absolutely the worst engraver $ can buy stay away. Today alone i have spent 45 mins trying to fix a software issues still trying to fix the problem currently. Thank god i get payed hourly or i would be loosing alot of money every day. Not a good product at all.

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