125 – TWK Split Top Roubo Workbench #2 The Top

Finally building gets underway on the split top roubo as we construct the two massive slabs needed for the workbench top.



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  1. Mark's Gourmet Workshop

    Looking forwards to the next part!

  2. Joe basementwoodworking

    looks great paul! really informative! cant a ait to see it complete!

  3. Convenient. Like!

  4. I really like the center divider. Especially the ability to temp store long
    tools like saws.

  5. Hi Paul from the other end of the world! (France, that is…). I like your
    channel a lot, thanks for sharing all this. I have noticed you are using a
    European style jointer but you seem not to be familiar with the way the
    guard is to be used. Please check out the video of “copains des copeaux”
    about “rabot degau”. It’s a major reference in France for woodworking, and
    you will surely understand how to make better and more efficient use of
    your jointer. The guy speaks in French but you will get the picture for
    sure. I truly hope this will help, cheers!

  6. That’s the video’s title: Vidéo cours de menuiserie copains des copeaux 03

  7. This looks like it’s shaping up to be a great project series 🙂 just
    wondering, why the tool slots for the middle rather than a sunken tool
    well? looking forward to the rest of the build 🙂 best of luck and stay
    safe :)

  8. +SPOREOUT3 sunken tool wells arent versitile and collect junk. This style
    will be flush, flip it around and it’ll be raised to use as a planing stop,
    or remove it entirely and it’ll allow you to clamp from the middle of the

  9. I flicked through the video (the best I can do without understanding the
    language), and I couldn’t see what I’m doing ‘wrong’, my actions seemed
    near identical to his, except I don’t put my hand directly on the guard as
    I’m using pushblocks. Anything in particular?

  10. Hi Paul
    What timber did you end up using?

  11. Eucalyptus delegatensis & Eucalyptus regnans (with some Acacia Melanoxyln
    for the accent pieces). I covered this in the previous episode

  12. Hi Paul,
    I just (shame on me) found your channel . And for now (until more comments
    on other videos), I want to say that I really enjoy your videos. Inspired,
    well done, informative
    Can’t wait for next !!

  13. Mario Cappellano (The Woodfather)

    looking forward to seeing the finish go on that wood, should come up

  14. RXR Sawdust Station

    Hi. Looking forward to your progress on your Split Top Roubo. Excellent so
    far! I’ve recently seen people using table salt in their major glue-ups to
    prevent slippage. I haven’t tried it, but I will if the need arises. Here’s
    Izzy Swan discussing the table salt method
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGXeNXS6FFw Happy woodworking!

  15. Yup, lots of ways to skin a cat, so to speak. I have no reason to believe
    the salt method doesn’t work, but because I know the domino method *does*
    work, there wasn’t the need to experiment (how much salt, time taken to
    distribute, etc) on this project.

  16. RXR Sawdust Station

    You’re the guy that’s been doing that to my cat?!?! j/k, of course. LOL
    Understood. I happen to not own a domino or biscuit cutter. Take very good
    care, Paul.

  17. You are Awesome Sir. I am learning so much from You, You are A True
    Expert.. I admire Your Talent,Thank You for Your Instructional Videos…

  18. Sharp Edge Woodworking

    I love watching Roubo build videos. I remember making my Roubo…..humping
    those laminated tops around is a Herculean task…..but so satisfying.

  19. hi guys !! you are muslim ??

  20. My English language is bad

  21. read Islamic

  22. you will fit very

  23. Please stop now. This is a channel for woodworking, not religious discussion

  24. Paul Jenkins very very very soryy. I did not intend to upset you

  25. The Old Plank Woodworks

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing your method

  26. looks great

  27. What wood did you use for this workbench top?

  28. Vic Ash. See Part 1 where I discuss materials and design

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