124 – TWK Split Top Roubo Workbench #1 Intro & Design

In this episode we're talking about the materials and design process behind the split top roubo workbench





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  1. Where did you get the linear bearing and shaft from?

  2. cant wait the see the rest of the build! cheers mate

  3. hmm, what drawing software do you use? i’ve been using sketchup and it has
    a few limitations. I’ve also seen good and bad reviews online for linear
    bearings, though I guess it depends on how well you fit them.

  4. +Mickleblade fusion 360. If you look through my channel I have several
    tutorials on it.

  5. Looks good, Paul.

  6. Thanks Paul, I’ll have a looksee at the vids. A quick browse online looks
    good though.

  7. In Canada, 2×4 is $2-3 each for an 8 foot, those are spruce. I’m building a
    bench right now for about $50. And if I used pine instead it would still
    only be a little more. $200 seems high. Is that because the prices in
    Australia are just more in general or are you talking about using higher
    grade pine or something? I’ve become quite addicted to your videos.

  8. +mizxou Australian prices for construction timber are crazy high. We don’t
    have access to “SPF”, it’s basically one grade of pine.

  9. Building a hardwood workbench is so slow though! If only I had a fork lift
    to cheat to lift up the slabs 😉

  10. eBay, from an AU seller.

  11. Paul Jenkins If you ever need a forkie just freight it over to WA and I’ll
    lift it up for ya 😉

  12. Hi Paul. Really looking forward to seeing this progress. I can’t seem to
    find the 90×45 Tassie Oak at Bunnings. Any chance you could provide a link
    to product you used on the Bunnings website. Cheers.

  13. You’ll only find it on their trade website, as its a regional product (and
    the ‘general’ bunnings website doesn’t seem to be). “Hardwood F17
    Structural” is what you’re after.

  14. ok this will be a good series…about to build my own…im in canada and
    cheap good local wood is doug fir…what the hell is tassy oak?…is there
    a similar common wood? oak, beech etc? tell us “others” a bit about that
    wood if you have a chance so we can relate to your challenges/benefits!

  15. Tasmanian Oak (“Tassie Oak”) is one of many trade names (which includes
    Victorian Ash, Mountain Ash, Messmate) for the species of Eucalyptus
    delegatensis & Eucalyptus regnans. It has the same janka rating (6kN) as
    white oak, and is regarded in Australia as a pretty soft hardwood, though
    in North America that would be apparently rated as ‘very hard’.

  16. You could use Ironbark mate but it would create a sink hole in the garage
    lol, these design programs are truly amazing & I would like to learn how to
    use them, cool project Paul 👍🏻🇦🇺

  17. The funny thing is that tasoak would be considered ‘soft’ in these parts as
    far as hardwood goes, but just in the last week two north american
    youtubers said white oak and ash were ‘very hard’…. but aren’t harder
    than tasoak! I think I’d throw my back out if I used ironbark

  18. Standard MGP12 framing pine 90×45 is $4.98 a meter here or roughly $1.66AUD
    / foot. So about $13.28 for your 8 footer. MGP10 is a bit cheaper at $3.23
    a meter but generally it’s trash that I wouldn’t put through a wood

    You guys in North America have a shitload more forests than we do 🙂

  19. By comparison to the hardwood, MGP12 is such a rip off – rounded corners,
    sopping wet, and still pine! By comparison, “F17 HWD” is usually straight,
    doesn’t have pencil round overs (so it’d be painful if you were on a
    jobsite), polishes up beautifully, and comes in at is $6.75/m!

  20. I always understood 90mm x 35mm timber to be the equivalent of what
    Americans call 2 x 4s…

  21. Paul it’s very generous of you to name other plans that people can get for
    free. Very authentic, well done. I have a large bench I made years ago (not
    Roubo) and may need to cut it down. So very keen on working out whether I
    remodel into a Roubo style. Anyway – that’s enough blathering from me.
    Cheers, Gaz, Sydney

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