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  1. The unused dado actually looks good as a decorative feature. Good job.

  2. I suppose it does – thanks!

  3. So much fun working with April and Jay – Make sure to check out the build
    article for more info – https://goo.gl/R0N53O as well as all sorts of other
    woodworking goodness!

  4. Ty Moser (MonoLoco_Workshop)

    Look at all that storage!!!!

  5. would ya look at it!

  6. Very nice Nick!

  7. It’s really strange — when I look up ‘Nick Ferry’ in Webster’s Organized
    Woodworking Dictionary, your name isn’t in the list. Most YouTube
    Woodworking Content Creators are listed. But you and myself, we aren’t

    Nice addition to the table, Nick. I might do something like that one day.

    #disorganizationdrules lol

  8. Haha, you know it all too well – baby steps for me…baby steps

  9. +Nick Ferry Micro Mini Nano baby steps for me – and mostly 1 tiny step
    forward, 3 huge steps back. lol

  10. Very nice. Keeps the dust out too

  11. love the results of the downward bit.

  12. that extra storage is going to be great Nick

  13. Yeah but do you think it will really help me stay more organized? Lol

  14. not a chance buddy

  15. You’re probably right

  16. great video good sir & it was great talking to you at the meet & great in

  17. Thanks dude!!

  18. The outtakes are great! lol

  19. hey Nick, I Never knew you lived in Wisconsin what part you from???I live
    in Racine..

  20. Grandma appreciate those extra screws

  21. Awesome project, Nick! Great use of that space. Can’t wait to see what you
    add next!

  22. Hey, click on SHOW MORE and you will see his address. He’s in Green Bay.

  23. Awesome addition-I’m sure you’ll fill those cubbies up very fast!

  24. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Nice one Nick very handy storage solution

  25. one can only hope

  26. hehe, true

  27. Love your channel You, Jay, April and marc are my faves, this foursome has
    got me doing incredible stuff that I thought I could Never do, thanks Nick!
    Wish I could be of more help to you on Pateron!

  28. thanks – yeah those woodworking weekends are always fun – glad you enjoyed

  29. thanks – hard not to add those – I’m always a goof

  30. yup yup – #GOPACKGO

  31. she’s such a sweetheart!

  32. Good lesson for everyone, not to take themselves too seriously

  33. thanks much B!

  34. yup yup – almost all full an hour after

  35. thanks buddy!

  36. +Phil Cusimano no worries – patreon is what it is and if people can and
    want to, great – if not, that’s cool too – sharing and watching is plenty
    for me – also it really helps to hear you get something from the videos –
    makes it that much better for me!!

  37. Yes had a great time, looking forward to meeting you again good sir,,,, GOD
    BLESS you 🙂

  38. I do get plenty out of your videos, that’s what I support you thru Pateron.
    When I can scare up some exact money I want to buy your complete
    crosscutting sled plans. Yours is so very cool! Best one I’ve seen! Keep
    the vlogs coming. By the way, I almost always come away with learning at
    least one new way of doing things from your videos. For what it’s worth to

  39. +Phil Cusimano very cool – the sharing ideas and learning is probably one
    of the coolest parts – ever project is a learning opportunity!

  40. Couldn’t agree more Nick! Additionally it nice to be able to communicate
    with you! 🙂

  41. Nick, I love your work but wow, look at all that dust from the trim router.

  42. Jp's Custom Woodworking

    Nice storage organizers Nick, they look very handy to have in the shop.

  43. Thanks much brother!

  44. Did we just do the same project at the same time?! Yep! Did we just become
    best friends?

  45. woodworking project pals!

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